Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What is XtremLab?

It's like, so xtreme! No, not really. It's more grids. You might want to see my previous ignorant rant on grids in the What is PrimeGrid? section, or you may find that bashing your head against the wall is less painful. Whatever you choose to do, I don't suggest you do either one. I suggest you go outside and run around like an idiot. Sure, you look dumb, but at least your outside.
Anyway, these guys earn a bit of respect from me, because they buck the norm. They don't use the grid, whatever that is, to study protein or protein folding, or the millions of other fascinating things you can do with grids. No! They study the grid itself! WHOA! If these people were not incredible smart, I would think that this idea had to come from stoners.
Hey man, like, what are we gonna study with our grid, man?
Oh, wow man. I don't know. Like, maybe we should, the grid itself, man.
Whoa, man! Like, you mean, to like, study the grid......itself. Far out man. That's like, can a hand really touch itself? Oh, wait, it can. I've got like the munchies man. When's the pizza dude getting here man?
Oh, and sorry for the lame 'extreme' 'Xtreme' 'xtrem' joke up there. I realize that xtrem is not like the 'X' games or stuff like that. It was a joke people, that's it. And a poor one at that.

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