Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Possible New BOINC Projects part 2

     Part two in the ongoing series of possible, new BOINC projects.  Projects that may be about to start.  Projects that people may be thinking about.  Projects that might be someone messing around and will never get off the ground or were never meant to. 

     Basically, BOINC wide teams, which I am a member of, automatically creates an instance of TEAM: Brian every time... someone does something...  Actually, I'm not sure what prompts it to happen, but I keep getting e-mails telling me that some project in its pre-aplha testing phase now has TEAM: Brian on it or that Test Project from Tester McTest-a-lot now has TEAM: Brian on it.  So, on the off chance that you can get in on the ground floor of some project, here is part two of the e-mails I've received.

Ciné Critique Américain: Død snø Or Dead Snow (Review)

Ciné Critique Américain: Død snø Or Dead Snow (Review) 

     This is little more than a shameless plug for my movie review blog, Ciné Critique Américain.  This Halloween, I saw the Norwegian, Nazi zombie movie, "Dead Snow."  Click on the link above and read my review on it.  Come on, you know you want it.  It's Nazi zombies!  Who doesn't like Norwegian medical students killing Nazi zombies?

     Oh, and I promise to always try to follow up shameless plugs with actual, BOINC related content.



     So, what are these guys trying to do?  Well, according to their web site, they are "creating a highly accurate three dimensional model of the Milky Way galaxy.1"  So, they want a picture of the galaxy that we live in and they are using observations from The Sloan Digital Sky Survey and your computer cycles to figure out what the galaxy looks like.  Ok, that's cool and all, but I've got a different idea.