Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What is Orbit@home?

     Orbit@Home may just be the most important BOINC project there is, or, it will be, if they can ever get going.  Orbit@Home tracks asteroidsAsteroids that might hit the EarthAsteroids that might hit the Earth, killing everyone.  Yeah, that's important. See, selfishly, I'd like to live.  However, I'd like to live in this world, or maybe a slightly better version of it.  I wouldn't like to live in a deteriorating, nightmarish, post apocalyptic, hell-scape caused by a Texas sized rock smashing into the planet.  That would suck.

     Of course, my living depends on this project getting out of the beta testing phase.  They seem to be very close, and I understand that building a BOINC project from scratch is difficult, but, I'm selfish, and I want to live, and I need
others living around me so the internet will keep working and Netflix will keep delivering, so we need to get this project going.

     There are other reasons I want this project going, of course.  The other scenario is, we find a huge space rock that 's going to kill us all, and we can't stop it, (Bruce Willis was unavailable,) and my computer makes the discovery.  If that happens, I want to name the asteroid, and I want it named Brian.  That's right, Brian, the Doom-bringer!  Brian, Destroyer of Worlds!  All fear BrianBrian is coming to bring death and destruction to the wicked and righteous alike!  There is no escaping Brian! OH MY GOD!!!  IT'S... BRIAN!!!!!  AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, that might make the deteriorating, nightmarish post apocalyptic hell-scape almost worth it.


     Below is the original Orbit@home information from the old TEAM: Brian web site.  Any information found there is likely to be old, out of date, or no longer valid.  It has also been edited for content.  I took out half a  line to keep the post more "family friendly."  Of course, by "friendly," I mean, "people who are way to easily offended", and "family," I mean, "likely not to offend way overly sensitive." Put them together.  It makes sense, unlike the people I'm trying to to upset. 

Ok, now, listen up people. This is an important one. These people track asteroids, or, at least, they will, very soon, the project is taking memberships but is not producing work yet, anyway, it is very important. They track huge rocks in space so that we will know ahead of time if one of them is going to smash into the Earth, that's the planet we live on, and kill everyone. Why, you may ask, is it important to know about our own impending doom?  Because, if we know ahead of time, society has time to break down into anarchy, all bets are off, we can party like there is no tomorrow, because there won't be.  So get involved people, we only have one shot at the end of the world. Let's make it a good one.

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