Saturday, October 3, 2009

What is TEAM: Brian?

Please note: I wrote this when I first started this site. I edited it once, to try to keep up with the ever increasing number of projects that I join, but, well, I'm just too lazy and just don't care enough to try again. So, when you are reading this, please keep in mind that I now list 15+ projects on the site and I have a TEAM: Brian for all of them.

What is TEAM: Brian? Well, if you have never heard to SETI@Home or any of the other @Home projects, this will take a bit of explaining.
As simply as possible, the @Home projects use the idle time of your computer to do work that would normally take very large supercomputers a long time to do. By splitting up the work and having millions of personal computers work on it while they are idle, they can get more work done than if they had banks and banks of expensive supercomputers working on it. So, people, like myself, who participate in these programs, can, if they wish, form teams of people, and the team shares in the credit for the work done. In other words, if a whole office or university computer lab or floor of a dorm or a bunch of nerdy friends want to get together and do these @Home projects, they can. Actually, there is not a lot to these teams. They don't really serve much a purpose, which brings us to my team! I belong to the SETI@Home project, the Einstein@Home project, the experiment, Predictor@home, Pirates@Home, and BURP. On all six, I have secured the name Brian, my name, as a team name. Why? Well, last week, my breaks failed me while I was trying to break for a red light and I had to swerve to avoid hitting a car and ended up hitting a tree. My car is in the shop, I have no way of getting out, and I am really, REALLY bored. I have no other reason for having teams in all three projects. I was bored, so I started by customizing the graphics on the SETI@Home project, then I was looking around the web sites, I found the teams, I tried creating one with my name, which I assumed would be taken due to the fact that Brian is a very common name, but, much to my surprise it was not taken, so I suddenly had a team with only one member, me, and nothing else to do, so I tried at the other two projects (when I wrote this, I was only a member of three projects. I now belong to six. I was REALLY, REALLY bored.) and I was able to get Brian on both of those as well (as well as the three new ones I joined), so I was bored again. After all, that took like five minutes. So I decided that if I had the teams, I might as well make a web site, put it on the projects, and see if anyone else wanted to join. Most likely not, however, I'm bored. So, this is TEAM: Brian for all three (six) projects. I don't plan on doing anything for the team really. It is likely that the web site will be updated infrequently at best and never at worst. I don't plan on e-mailing, talking to, or otherwise interacting with the other members of the team, if there ever are any. I will keep this site up, somewhere, so that if anyone else is bored and wants to join my little team of boredom and apathy, well, they will know how.
So, there you have it. TEAM:Brian is a name, a website, and little else. If you want to join, there is a link on your left. I require nothing of my members and will do very little for them. Thank you.

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