Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let the New Information BEGIN!

     I have moved everything over from the old web page, and it makes me a little sad to see it go, but only a little.  An actual web page is a pain to maintain and unless you are dedicated to it, which I am definitely NOT!   I am decidedly not dedicated to either this blog, that web page, or the concept of BOINC teams as a whole, much less my own, personal team (which I created!)  I did this out of boredom and continued it out of novelty and trying to see if I could get a Google search to come up with my site first when I searched Team: Brian, which I did.  (I also tried to see if I could get it to come up when i searched Brian, which I didn't.)  That would have taken a LOT more dedication, which, as you know, i just don't have for this.  The theme for Team: Brian is apathy and the theme for this blog is whatever. 

     So, anyway, everything of any importance is here and it is now time to start updating information.  In transferring stuff, I realized that a lot of the information is really out of date and a lot of my attempted humor falls flat, especially if you are not reading the entire thing, beginning to end, like i wrote it.  So, all that will change, at some point.

     I don't think I'll release this to blogging sites or BOINC sites or the general public anytime soon.  Not until it is siginifigantly improved.  So, at this point, I guess I'm just talking to myself.  As usual.


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