Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What is is a BOINC project trying to predict climate change to the year 2080.  They also test the effectiveness of climate prediction models so that they can better predict future climate change.  Good idea.  I for one would like to know exactly how long until we all die.  Or, I suppose,
more proof could convince people getting rich off of burning coal, oil, and natural gas to mend their evil ways.  Yeah, right.  They'll be dead before 2080 anyway.  What do they care.  I care.  That's why this project is important.

     The screen saver is the earth, slowly rotating, with climate data overlaying it.  One of these days, I expect to just see flames over then slowly rotating digital world in the screen saver and instead of weather data being displayed, just a lot of "I told you so" and obscenities, like "Holy @#$%, we're all going to DIE!!!!!"

     Hopefully, Barack Obama can save the world, because if he can't, we are all dead!  (That wasn't very funny.  Sorry, our very real and imminent demise just isn't a laughing matter.  I'll do better next time.)


     Below is the original information from the old TEAM: Brian web site.  Any information found there is likely to be old, out of date, or no longer valid.  The old web site is incredibly old.  "How old is it?"  So old that a 1 gig flash drive was an impressive and expensive purchase.  So, ...old!, or CPDN, is yet another BOINC project that I participate in. Other than that, I'm not telling you jack about it! Why, you may ask? Well, this was supposed to be something that I was doing because I was bored, but it is quickly becoming way too much work, so, I'll copy and paste some info and links, and that is all yall get. Don't get me wrong, I like this project too.  I like I so much that I have purchased a 1gig flash drive so I can run it on another computer. I am already using my current 256 meg flash drive to run the other projects on more than one computer, but CPDN won't fit on 256 megs. It may not fit on 512 megs, so I just paid $46.50 for a gig flash drive on eBay. So, you see, I love this project, however, when I started this thing, I was only part of three projects. Now I have six, and a TEAM: Brian on all six. This is becoming way too must work for an apathetic procrastinator, like myself. So that's it. If you want to know more about this project, go to and look around. Their about page is extensive.

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