Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What is SETI@home/AstroPulse Beta?

     SETI@home/AstroPulse Beta is the testing project for SETI@Home.  This is where they work the bugs out of new applications they will run on SETI@Home.  Now, how do you tell if a program designed to find alien radio signals is working correctly?  No, really, how do you know when it's working correctly?  Does it find aliens?   


     Below is the original SETI@home/AstroPulse Beta information from the old TEAM: Brian web site.  Any information found there is likely to be old, out of date, or no longer valid.  The old web site is incredibly old.  How old?  Well, in there, I admit I have never heard of a Wiki before.  They were kind of new at the time.  Like I said, OLD!  

SETI@HomeBETA is a test project for SETI@Home. I think they are testing new SETI@Home applications before putting them into use for SETI@Home. According to The (sol old it's dead) Unofficial Boinc Wiki page, whatever the hell that is, "The SETI@Home Beta Test Project is where the next generation of the Science Application is tested before it is released for use by the SETI@Home Project. This Project is a 'companion' which will only be active on those occasions when a new version of the the Science Application is under development." So, there you have it.

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