Friday, October 16, 2009

Possible New BOINC Projects part 1

     BOINC wide teams is a wonderful thing.  If you have a BOINC team, like TEAM: Brian for instance, every time you join a new BOINC project, you have to create the same old team on the new project.  It gets tedious after a while.  So, from the makers of BOINC comes, BOINC wide teams.  You create a team once, and whenever someone creates a new, BOINC project, your automatically get your team created in that project.  Sweet!  Also, you get e-mailed when a new project is created, so it's kind of like insider info on the newest projects.  That's what this series of posts will be about.  Possible new BOINC projects that I find out about through
BOINC wide teams. So, in alphabetical order, because that's the easiest way to get them out of my e-mail, all the BOINC wide team projects so far:

  • 3g Bridge Project
    •  Created 3/27/09
    • The web site appears to be full of default and generic information, so don't get your hopes up just yet. 
  • AlmereGrid Boinc Grid 
    • Created 7/24/08
    • A project from The Netherlands.  AlmereGrid English site
    • This seems to be a project set up so the Dutch city of Almere can donate computer cycles, thus creating the first city super computer...?  
    • Not to be insulting to the Dutch, but this seems kind of scaled back, considering that SETI@Home created the first global super computer.  
    • I didn't find much on what actual science they are doing. 
  • Artificial Intelligence System 
    • Created 07/05/08
    • The website is dead.  I assume the project is also.  But, who knows,  I could be wrong.  It may only be down for now and will be up, vibrant, and full of life  five minutes from now.  Who knows. 
  • Barcelona tutorial-04 URBAH Etienne 
    • Created 09/20/09
    • The website is dead.  Kaput.  Maybe it'll work later, but it is dead right now.  
  • BOINC alpha test 
    • Created 05/07/09
    • This is a testing project for new versions of BOINC software.  
  • DECS
    • Created 07/05/08
    • ???
    • The website is down due to maintenance or server capacity problems.  
    • My best guess: Personal Test Project?
  • Drug Discovery through Computational Structural Biology and Chemistry
    • Created 07/05/08
    • These people need an anagram, like, N.A.M.B.L.A.  That name is way too long. 
    • This seems to be some kind of drug research involving structural biology and chemistry (no, really?)
    • The site is over a year old and still not complete, however, there was some activity early this month, so maybe soon?  (Or maybe not.)
  • DrugDiscovery@Home
    • Created 04/21/09
    • They are an actual project in the Alpha test phases.
    • I have no idea if they are related to the previous entry.
    • According to their web site, they do not "have a formal relationship with academia or the pharmaceutical industry."
    • So, they're just some guys who like drugs?  (I know a lot of people like that.  None of them are THAT dedicated, though.)
I have another 36 to go, and I'm not going to get through them all tonight, so, to make the size of this post manageable, I'll stop here and continue later.


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