Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What is PrimeGrid?

More grids people. Ok, what is with all the grids and protein? Huh? All this stuff started in space. SPACE people! Looking for ET! Of the fifteen projects I am or were a member of, only four still have something to do with space. Three were about computers. and three more are about the weather, a particle accelerator, and and computer graphics. Everything else is about protein, grids, or protein and grids. I can sort of understand the protein part, but what is a GRID and why do so many people really, really care about them?
Sorry, little rant for no reason. Anyway,
this project is about factoring some number, 2 maybe, or, maybe 5 or 16. I don't know, some number, and somehow, they are using a grid. Oh, and they are testing PerlBOINC at the same time. Perl being a really, really old scripting language. Perl was written before the internet was the internet. It was meant for making documents on terminals look less like words on a screen and more like words on a screen plus bold, underlining, and italics. The servers at Texas State University - San Marcos still run Perl and only Perl! We are about 10 - 15 years behind the times at any given point in time. Our e-mail is running on a VAX VMS system. You can find one on display at computer history museums, and I am not kidding!!! We only are now getting our first wireless hot spots! This place sucks!
Oh, and PrimeGrid has this to say about themselves. "PrimeGrid is currently under development, as is PerlBOINC. PrimeGrid is a project for factoring the number in the RSA Factoring Challenge, and also to test PerlBOINC." So, this project is likely to end when they finish factoring, with grids. So, get in while you still can. It is on alpha testing, but I'm sure that they will be going and done soon, so, don't get left out, join NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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