Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Possible New BOINC Projects part 2

     Part two in the ongoing series of possible, new BOINC projects.  Projects that may be about to start.  Projects that people may be thinking about.  Projects that might be someone messing around and will never get off the ground or were never meant to. 

     Basically, BOINC wide teams, which I am a member of, automatically creates an instance of TEAM: Brian every time... someone does something...  Actually, I'm not sure what prompts it to happen, but I keep getting e-mails telling me that some project in its pre-aplha testing phase now has TEAM: Brian on it or that Test Project from Tester McTest-a-lot now has TEAM: Brian on it.  So, on the off chance that you can get in on the ground floor of some project, here is part two of the e-mails I've received.

  • I grouped all of these together because the all seem to be different test versions of the same project.
    • Only two of the web sites actually still work, and of those two, all the default BOINC information is still there, so all they did, so far, is get the basic template up and running.  There is no mention of what they might be doing, other than testing the waters.  
  • ec@home 
    • Created 07/05/08
    • The website is dead, or was when I checked it.  Your guess is as good as mine.  
  • I'm grouping all of these together as well.  I think they are related to the first grouping, but I'm too lazt to edit that group.  I also think that there is a possible project from my first edition of Possible New BOINC Projects, but again, the apathy is thick and palatable. 
  • EDGeS@Home
    • Created 10/06/09
    • This one seems to be the actual, now in beta, project for all those tests up in the first and third bullet point.  
    • What are these guys doing?  Well, their main goal seems to be something to do with integrating grids, but they are currently hosting the, get this, the ISDEP - Integrator of Stochastic Differential Equations in Plasmas - application.  I'm sorry, but that sounds made up, like a flux capacitor.  I'm sure it's not, but it just sounds made up.  
    • Oh, and they're European.  
  • Hydrogen@Home
    • Created 07/05/08
    • Something to do with sustainable energy.  I can't tell right now because, it seems, someone accidently broke the project then went out of town.  
  • Local dev server
    • Created 12/16/08
    • No web site.  It looks like yet another test. 
  • Magnetism@home
    •  Created 07/13/08
    • They appear to almost have the web site up.  There are still some areas with default information in them, but they did put out some work units, about a year ago.  
  • MindModeling@Home (Beta)
    • Created 07/05/08
    • At the moment, the web site appears to be a cool brain graphic, a mission statement, and a lot of their SQL server vomiting up errors.  One can hope.  
  • MindModeling@RPI
    • Created  02/11/09
    • Looks liek it might be the full version of the beta project above.  
    • Sadly, the website is the same deal, graphic, words, SQL puke.  
    •  Created 07/05/08
    • They appear to be Germans who are sequencing proteins.  
    • They also appear to be a fully operational BOINC project!!!
    • Created 07/05/08
    • They are doing bio-molecular simulations, but with a twist!  They only use the GPU in NVIDIA cards to do the processing.  
    • Yet another fully functional BOINC project!  (It'll get old on the third one.)
  • Ramsey@home
    • Created 07/20/08
    • The website appears to be dead.  
    • Best guess: Mummies?
Ok, that's enough for now.  At this point, I'm about half way through the list and it looks like we're coming up on a lot of test projects and other dead links.


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